Thursday, February 11, 2010


Word on the street is that The Kardashians signed deal with BEBE to come out with their own collection for a Limited time! I have to say I stopped there last week and I was pretty impressed!! These are some of my Favorites from the line!! LOVING the first two btw!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Loved these shades when I saw them, but when I saw the price of them is when I nearly died!!! Designed by 19 year old twins, these shades have been seen on Ashanti, Kelly Osbourne, Amber Rose, and Angela Simmons...//// From top to bottom: Spikey Chain $125, Spikey Studs $125, Star Trek Single $65, Double Star Trek $100, Gold Corner $65//// personally like the Single Star Trek, and the Spikey Stud.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


     Valentine's Day is Literally around the corner, and while it is the holiday of LOVE, I think it's a holiday that's geared towards women.  What do u buy for a man on Valentine's Day really besides cologne?? Do they really care for chocolates, and flowers, lol??     
     I think their obligation is to set the mood, and bring the romance!! Women, all we have to do is bring GREAT SEX!!! Some of you fellas really need to step it up for your woman (seriously!) improvise a little ( it really is all about the thought here, the simple details, that you've paid attention to what she likes) cater to HER. Buy her sexy lingerie, something that u would like to see her in. Throw on some Sade, light some scented candles, whip out the massage oil and go to town, DOWN TOWN that is ;p.. So SEXY, nothing like a full body massage from the bottom up (I think of "Set it Off" that's my favorite scene btw..). 
     If you want to see her do something out of the ordinary, Encourage her, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to please you!  A lot of men don't realize that all you need to do is ask sometimes..sometimes we need a little push.  Talk about what you desire, get it all out in the open. Fellas, I'll tell you one way to ensure you get what you want in the sac..Throw a pair of RED BOTTOMS on  her, and she'll be at YOUR mercy (with the pumps on, lol) ;'s called NEGOTIATING!!! Lol, hope you enjoy this post as much as I do!! Wishing Everyone a Happy holiday filled with Lots of LOVE!!!


Just in time for Valentine's Day...It's Tuesday people, and as some of you know, I am a HUGE fan of SADE!!!  Today her latest album SOLDIER OF LOVE hits stores!!! I am SO excited to see whats in store for this new album!! Besides her sultry music, I love that she always stays true to herself (never switching up what has made her iconic!). She's sure to set the mood EVERYTIME I pop her CD in.. WARNING: This is STRICTLY for the GROWN AND SEXY!!!