Thursday, October 13, 2011

The "Disco GemSuit"

The Disco GemSuit designed by Me!

Me and my partner Leonard are working on coming out with a line of "GemSuits" aka Catsuits in the near future. I will be designing my own line with the help of HIS golden hands, and eventually venturing off into dresses and swim suits! 

This has been my Dream since a child, and I cant wait for u guys to see the outcome!! Leonard is also the designer of Tiara Austini Swimwear, you can find is Hot bathing suits and page on Facebook! 

Rhymes n Dimes Mag release party at Amnesia

Me n Dj Jazzy Joyce

Me n mine..Eternal

Me n Juelz Santana

Suge Knight n Ms Honee

LVuitton Blondes hand made Bags #DOPE!!

with Leonard designer of Tiara Austini Swimwear

Kat, Suge, n Eternal

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frank Ocean - Swim Good

Cant get enough of this song! Love his sound, its unlike anyone!

Estelle - Thank You [Lyric Video]

This song by Estelle is so Hard, had to make it my ringtone! Before finding out who sang this song, I thought it was MJB..its a different sound for Estelle and I LOVIT, DOPE!!