Tuesday, February 16, 2010


  1. How would you describe your style? --> I like to think of myself as a Style Chameleon..I give you everything because I'm really every woman at any given time, and that's the reason why I play with my look so often.  I'm really feminine in one stance, and in another a bit boyish, it all depends on my mood that day. One day I'll be on the funky street side, and the next I'm rock'n a classic vintage look, it all depends. It's funny, if you walked through my closet, you probably wouldn't know who I really was..that's what I love!!
  2. Where do you draw your inspiration from? --> Anything and everything really..it's weird, but sometimes I look at something, and think I'm seeing something else (almost as if I'm assuming something), but I'm not actually looking at "IT"..if you can make sense of that, a lot of times I'll get an idea from a moment like that.  It's hard for me to describe tho.  And of course the usual, people, and objects.
  3. Who are your style icons right now? --> Jennifer Lopez (in her prime), Rihanna, Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Kate Beckensale, Chloe Sevigny, Olivia Palermo, and Amber Rose.
  4. What would you say your most known for as far as style goes? --> Well I think first, and foremost I've Always been known for knowing how to accessorize well. I've had that knack since I was very young..I seemed to always know that accessorizing the right way can take an ensemble to the Next Level!!  That's what separates a person that dresses well from a person with TRUE STYLE to me. I hate to see someone with a great outfit on, but the accessories are All Wrong!!..that will completely Kill a great outfit..those people never really take it THERE!! It's a whole package thing, and I believe that you can't show someone how to accessorize well. That's innate, it comes from somewhere else.
  5. What would you say is your "signature" look? --> I would say that I'm Almost ALWAYS drawn to a good one piece/jumpsuit. And it doesn't necessarily have to be tight for me, I love a loose or baggy fit as well. I've always loved that whole 70's look! When I think of a Great one piece, I think of Penelope Cruz, there's a scene in the movie Blow that has never left my mind. ONE PIECES-->That's my thing, always Was, and probably always will Be, even when it's not IN..=)..
  6. What fashion rules do you live by? --> NONE!  Fashion is always evolving, it's a constant Contradiction.. One minute something is hot and the next not, so I wear whatever attracts me. It's not so much about a Trend either, I just so happen to intuitively know what looks good for me.
  7. What type of person catches your eye on the street runway?  Besides a great outfit, I would say that Confident woman! A great smile and confidence goes a long way..it's your next best accessory, and IT'S FREE!!!
  8. Who is your favorite designer right now?  So many, I can't pick just one, but I will say this, "I love what ever I love, whether it be a $20 top from  Forever 21 or something high end".  If I love it, it knows no bounds!!  Fashion is Fashion and you can't deny a Great piece. In fact, I love to make something that's cheap LOOK Expensive.  I think that's the beauty in it!  It's what I'm good at!  Mixing high end with low end is also a GO!!
  9. What type of advice would you give the ordinary girl that's looking to switch up their look?  I've never been afraid of fashion, I think once you let go of that fear, you can be who ever it is you want to be for that moment.  The key is Owning it!  I look at it in the same way a dog senses fear..if your not confident in what your wearing, everyone will feel that, and guess what??  It won't work!  Push the envelope so that your comfortable enough, and keep pushing until it doesn't matter what anyone thinks anymore.
  10. What are your must haves for spring?  Anything Fluorescent, from clothes, shoes, to accessories.  BOLD statement jewelery, flower studs, a creme or white shoe preferably a pump (be careful tho, white shoes can easily Look Cheap instead of Chic..there's a very fine line here).  Oxfords, clogs, platforms (wedged or heeled), military boots, army green, a floral dress or skirt, exotic prints, overalls, socks, the messenger bag or backpack (the backpack will be seen more in the next seasons, it's still fresh out the oven) and DEFINATELY a Great pair of Shades!! POW!! Just to name a few.  Obviously too many for one to keep up with.

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