Sunday, February 28, 2010


I haven't had a chance to catch Bet's Rip the Runway YET, but I managed to collect a couple of photos from the show.  From what I saw, I wasn't that impressed but like I said, I didn't see the show.  What I was Impressed with tho was that HOT, hot pink dress that Nicki Minaj (Not normally a fan of Nikki or the way she dresses, but...)  was wearing..Loved the Look, THAT's so ME!!  I'm inspired again!! And I love the one piece she wore performing with Luda..---Trina looked GREAT, and Janelle Monae always looks polished! As far as Rocsi, well, she's always a hot mess to me..besides those boots, what was she thinking?! That jacket looks cheap..Not a Go!

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