Friday, April 30, 2010


On our stations we received a kit full of new Oribe products, paints, pink cape, hair accessories, and so on.. 

Our models model Paola is the one on the right.

Prepping my model before we put her wig on.

300 plus's a Barbies World!!

For our first look, Oribe asked that we tease the sh^t out of these wigs and paint our models lips PINK!! He never asked for them to be perfect..just HUGE!!!


After all that teasing, he then asks that we brush all the teasing out!! Ugh, that's the worst on a wig.  From there we were asked to cut the hair into a shape using visual techniques meaning no parting the hair/precision shorter then the collarbone, and to paint her lips BLUE!!!

Viola!!! After this look, he asked that we create a 1930's look by molding the hair, "with a hair net on" into finger waves framing the face..

After this look, he then gave us the freedom to work our creativity into the mix.  He wanted us to use the paint that we got in our kits to create GROTESQUE GLAMOUR!! He asked that we erase no mistakes, just go with it.  He wanted us to take that Risk of NOT knowing the outcome, and that was the whole point. 

And THIS was my Final look!!! I used the cape to make into a shirt...

The Fashion Show!!

So there you go, just some of the Intensive Work I put in this weekend, and like I said, "it was a Phenomenal experience!!!"  I never felt to Liberated!!! This is definitely one to remember>> I took a lot home with me this weekend, and I am so GRATEFUL!!! ;)