Sunday, May 2, 2010


Me and Amy

Sooo, for the past two years I've been on and off about whether or not I should get a Monroe.  Main reason I was skeptical in the beginning was because I didn't want it to leave a scar on my face.  Well, I've met a few people that have gotten a monroe, taken it out, and were left with no scar.  So I decided what the hell, I think they are Super cute, and I'm in Vegas what better way to go out!!!  Hopefully it doesn't scar, but if it does, oh well...I'm the type of girl that lives for the moment anyway!! This makes the 5th body piercing I've had, Not including my ears ;).  And by the way, it was the Least pain of all my piercings...I would do it again a  hundred times over, lol!! 


  1. it looks very cute on you and now you'll always remember your vegas experience! hehe