Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Soo I found these Kool stickers for your nails, much like Minx, but much cheaper..for $16 bucks at http://www.sephora/ I thought it was worth a shot.  I put these on my nails on Friday with a lil help from my dear friend Merc.  How it works is this: first, you rub the sticker to warm it up, apply it to the nail, then file off the access.  On the package it says it lasts 1-2 days, but mine are still holding up.  They look Super Cute! Draw back: as you file off the access, the sticker stretches, which looks fine until a few later. The sticker shrinks so you can see the edge of your nail.  Also, the filing causes the edge of your nail to feel rough, but other than that, I would do it again, in case an emergency should arise!!  Not too shabby for a girl that stays with a fresh coat of paint since...

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