Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sometimes, I feel sorry for hair.  I believe that you can always tell when a person is going thru things by the way they wear their hair..Our hair takes the most abuse, it's the one thing that we can "Control" in our lives.  Think about it, whenever we hit a milestone, marriage, kids, a rough patch etc..we tend to change our hair, possibly for a "fresh new start". Look at Britney for example.  Coincidentally we've reached Tough economical times, now take a look at the trend--->> Rebellion..Tough looks..very BAD ASS!! As we're near the end of this trend (which quite honestly, I'm glad about), the economy will rise, the style will change, and we will enter the next phase which will have a more "girly look", sophisticated misses, all that I'm excited for!

Any who, take a look at Rihanna's new do..I have to say, this is not a GO for me, I just can't dig it.  First of all, That color is wrong for her skin tone, and her haircut?..OUTTA HERE>>>!!!  I can't stand a tight shaved head like that, it looks Ridiculous! What do ya'll think??


  1. i agree, it's just don't sit well with me either hehe

  2. Yea, I'm sure she'll eventually make it her own..I think it's the combination between the cut, color, and style that's throwing it off. She looks like she's wearing a hair piece on top a bald head...Not a good look! Thanks girlie!!