Tuesday, July 20, 2010


With Luke Storey and his Lovely assistant Lauren!
Me and Luke Storey Fashion Stylist!
As some of you know, this weekend I took an Amazing class at The School of Style, to some day become a Fashion Stylist.  Although this was my first class, and it was all technical, I found it to be very informative on all the behind the scenes "grueling" work it entails (budgeting, paperwork, etc, etc..) The first class is usually followed by two other classes, the second; pulling clothes out of showrooms in hopes of creating a look for the third class, your official photoshoot including hair, makeup, providing a model, photographer, and the clothes that you have specifically chosen for your shoot!  Fortunately, this was the first class The School of Style has held out in the City.  Unfortunately, the other two are out in LA.  Needless to say, I  plan on taking this trip to LA to further ensue the classes, and I'm really excited about it!!! Any who, these pics were taken on our last day.  However, these pictures serve my outfit NO justice ;)!!  Below is a note that Luke Storey posted on the blog ..

Today is day one of Class 1 at School Of Style in New York and we are soooo excited! There are tons of students here (50 to be exact) and they are all pretty darn fly. New York fashion is on another level because all of our students look like they themselves could be in a magazine.

All sweet fashions aside, all our students are very eager to learn. Everyone is alert, paying attention, and are all asking great questions.

Well, we better get back to class. We just wanted to give a quick update because in case you didn’t get it … we’re freaking excited!!!

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