Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kim Kardashian Premieres New Song at TAO Las Vegas

So, a couple of days ago, I posted a few pics on my FB page about how Kim K was becoming a singer all of a sudden. How I feel about this is, Clearly she is not a Singer, she bothers me because I feel like she's "trying" so hard to be JLO her idol. I mean, I believe that any singer should have a certain swag about them that she doesn't have to me. Did ya'll see her on DWTS? NO rythme WHATSOEVER! How can you sing when you don't even have rythme, those two go hand and hand to me. Lets face it, Jlo wasn't the best singer to me, but she definitely knew how to entertain the hell out of you, and that's the difference! As I stated before, the crazy part of all this is that on the strength of her following, she'll probably do well smh. There's so much REAL talent out there, and you have this fool that's making it harder for all the real hard working less fortunate to get their foot in the door!
Any who, this song "Turn it up" is Kim Kardashians first single produced by the Dream, and is such a flat ABC kinda song. It's not horrible, its just Simple, and catchy as most of the words repeat itself. Definitely something that's gonna bang out in the club. 

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