Wednesday, December 30, 2009


For all my club heads, here is MY Top 5 list of do's and don'ts for NYE:

1.  First and foremost dress to suit your body type..too many ladies walk out the house as if they never even looked in the mirror.  Accentuate your assets, and hide your flaws, its as simple as that..
2.  Act accordingly.  Ladies, feeling nice in public is cute..however, so nice to the point that your unable to hold yourself up and just acting a FOOL.. (SMH and waving my finger (WMF)..So NOT CUTE, such a TURN OFF!!
3.  Step ya game up.  Please NO JEANS unless your kickn it at the local bar..
4.  No fighting in the club.  We are way too Grown and Sexy to belittle ourselves...leave ya problems @ the door!!!
5.  Keep it FRESH!! Smelling good is a MUST!!

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