Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The trends come and they go as we know, so I make it appoint NOT to get too caught up in it ALL.  And what I mean by that is..I don't go Crazy spending tons of money on PASSING FADS. I TRY (key word) to only splurge on the things that I know will last a lifetime, surpassing all the "it" items, unless of course I ABSOLUTELY love it, have to have it, and can't stop thinking about it.  Its hard being a girl sometimes you gotta admit, and the trends are becoming just too much for one to keep up with.  And just because its trendy doesn't mean it will suit everyone, this is the time to be selective about how you dress your body...Ladies be aware; what looks good on someone else might not necessarily look good on you...With that said, "shop well, and shop happy," THE STREETS ARE YOUR RUNWAY, so make YOUR MARK*!!!


  1. So Very True!! It's ok to be in the now.. but dont break the bank over it! I personally am not a fan of Fads. I love the classics and the basics that can be glammed up or toned down with a few accessories! :)

  2. Definitely I agree!! I love to see someone do Great things with the simple and still get their point across..THAT I really admire bcz that is harder for me to do sometimes. But yes accessory is KEY to making everything Put together!!!