Friday, January 22, 2010


     The road to success is a long one, filled with unexpected bumps, twists, and turns.  There is always gonna be some one out there to tell you, "Dream on" in other words.  There's always Those people that TRY to discourage you from doing the possible whether it be out of envy, or jealousy.  Simply because they Wish they could, or wished they were.  Recognize those people, and never let someone below you encourage you to join their company or Misery I should say.  Recognize that those are the people who in turn will make you fight harder for what you believe in, and Use that energy against the grain.  In all actuality, it is THEY that secretly hope to get to you, and if you let THAT happen, then THEY have achieved all that THEY strive for.  Let's build our Resiliency, use the negative and turn it into a positive..that's what Winners Do!  Inside Every single one of us lives a GENIOUS, so let's keep our minds wide Open, so that we see the opportunities that all too often pass us by!!  We LIVE and we LEARN.. <<~~LA

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