Thursday, January 21, 2010


     It's no secret that bold makeup has been making it's way onto the scene for quite some time now.  Makeup is a great way to switch things up a bit by playing with your look from time to time.  Occasionally you can catch me out running errands without a stitch of makeup on, but the two things I could never leave home without except gloss or chap stick would be my liquid liner and mascara.  Those two things have stuck with me since the age of about 13 (yeah I know..)
     Oh how I Love to play around with different lip candy!!  It adds a different approach to things, some spice to life, with a lil unexpectedness.  Just a simple lip colour can make your entire look POP!! (FYI: lipstick on your teeth is SOO not Sexy, so be aware..TIP: wrap your lips around your finger and slide it out of your mouth to prevent lipstick stains from appearing on your teeth, lol)!! Sometimes that's all you need.  So don't be afraid to have fun, be BOLD, and experiment with color!! 

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